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I don't even know what this is. I was joking around with the idea of a Game of Thrones/KHR AU, and it involved Hibari as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, and then [ profile] vaultedthewall was like I WANT FIC and I was just intoxicated enough to think that was a great idea. And then I wrote this.

This is dedicated to all those A Song of Ice and Fire fans out there who are also fans of KHR, which I'm pretty sure is just Kels and I. I am posting this JUST FOR HER.

drabble )
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Hah! I'm alive. Writing slowly, but alive.

From [ profile] violeteyedhair: Tezuka and Fuji go hiking up a mountain, but Fuji doesn't want to stay any longer so he gives Tezuka a hard time about everything. I haven't written these two in awhile, so I'm sorry if it's shaky.

Up a Mountain )

From [ profile] azurecerulean: threesome or foursome involving Mukuro, summer camp. Man, I don't even know what's up with this one. It's, uh... TYL. But TYL in the new sparkly no one dies timeline. Okay, whatever, it's really just crack. Xanxus/Byakuran/Mukuro crack.

Summer Camp )
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I write so slow. Soooo sloooow. Here's a couple little ficlets, though, so you can see that I am indeed writing! Both gen.

From [ profile] vaultedthewall: A Final Fantasy character that hasn't shown up yet in the world in the Kingdom Hearts setting. I ended up not using a Final Fantasy character, but at least it's still Squeenix?

At The Fair )

And also from [ profile] vaultedthewall: Takashi vs. Takeshi, sushi throwdown. This is a Prince of Tennis/KHR crossover.

Sushi Battle )
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All right! With this I am done with the request meme. Now I guess I should work on my [ profile] khrfest fics. That should be fun!

Requested by [ profile] violeteyedhair, who got an extra request because I wanted to write more 1869 I am just that nice. She asked for MukuHiba and 'ring'.

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I had to do Longchamp research for this one! Longchamp research: the best kind of research.

Requested by [ profile] nonoji, who asked for Longchamp and Hibari with optional nappo.

allies )
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It's harder to write when I have to work all day. I want the weekend back... so lazy...

Requested by [ profile] zahho_mii, who asked for 8069 with Yamamoto making the first move before Hibari can! Though this is maybe not quite that, I hope it's okay anyway.

jealousy )
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Just one today. I think the last two are going to take more thinking from me. Thinking is hard. :( Also, for some reason [ profile] khrfest is always at a bad time for me. Last time I went to Hong Kong in the middle of it, this time I'll be at my mom's place in Seattle the whole time. But I'll have net there, so I signed up for a few prompts anyway... but really! Inconvenient.

Requested by [ profile] pectus_pectoris, who asked for Lambo/I-pin, I-pin not liking Italy. I've never written these two before. D:

foreign cuisine )
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Here's two drabbles from the request meme! I can't really write 100-word drabbles, because... um, my genius cannot be contained to 100 words. Yeah, that's it. Or I just suck at it. So these are more like mini-ficlets. Hopefully I'll be able to finish a couple more tomorrow!

Requested by [ profile] ang3l_sh1, who asked for MukuHiba domestic bliss. :D

some kind of bliss... )

And requested by [ profile] violeteyedhair, TezuFuji and plantlife. If you give me another prompt I'll write you some MukuHiba too!

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For Aggy ♥ Sorry it's not better, I tried to actually do a drabble for once! And it is 100 words, according to Word. I think I'm no good at writing to exact word limits. ^_^ But it was fun~

Tezuka and Fuji, bicycle )
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These were written for [ profile] about_rey, who is just generally wonderful and listens to me talk about weird things and is extremely nice. :D And who deserves fic! Hopefully these are okay. I ended up writing two because I'm one of those people who really likes happy endings... the first is really a drabble, and they're completely unconnected except that I wrote them one after each other because I wanted something happier. XD;;

Prince of Tennis
G-ish? Drabble.

Untitled )

Prince of Tennis
PG probably

Semantics )
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I owed Sarra Fuji/Eiji. It's 2am, I told her I was bored, she told me to write it. So I wrote it for her through AIM, and it was pure crack. Then I realized I was still bored and she gave me more pairings, and prompts to go with them! :D Good times! The others are actually less crackfilled. ...I blame Sarra for everything, of course.

PoT, Fuji/Eiji, crack )

PoT, Yuumi, caffeine )

Bleach, Ikkaku/Yumichika, plaid )

PoT, Sanada/Yukimura, pwnage )


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