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Hah! I'm alive. Writing slowly, but alive.

From [ profile] violeteyedhair: Tezuka and Fuji go hiking up a mountain, but Fuji doesn't want to stay any longer so he gives Tezuka a hard time about everything. I haven't written these two in awhile, so I'm sorry if it's shaky.

"Do you think it’ll rain soon?" Fuji said, looking up at the sky. Tezuka glanced up through the trees as well, seeing blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

"No," Tezuka said, and heard Fuji’s tiny sigh. They hiked for a while longer, Tezuka enjoying the ache that good exercise left in his muscles. It was different from tennis, but no less enjoyable.

A few minutes later, Fuji spoke again. "Don’t you think we should stop for lunch soon?"

"It’s not time yet," Tezuka said without checking his watch. They kept walking.

"Ah, my ankle," Fuji said after they’d climbed over a fallen tree blocking the path. Tezuka turned to him, worried, but something about Fuji’s expression or the tone of his voice made him frown instead.

Fuji blinked at him innocently, and Tezuka sighed. "This was your idea, Fuji."

"I know," Fuji said, and smiled. "I just didn’t think there’d be so much of it."

It wasn’t even a very big mountain, Tezuka thought, but he didn’t say anything. "If you don’t think you can do it, we can go back."

"It’s not that I don’t think I can do it," Fuji said, his smile not slipping even a tiny bit, "it’s more that I don’t really want to. I think mountains are more your thing than mine, Tezuka.” He shrugged. “But it was worth a try, wasn’t it?"

Tezuka held back a sigh. He could force Fuji to hike up the rest of the mountain with him, it would be a fitting punishment, but he was fairly certain that Fuji would find some way to make him regret it. "Fine. Let’s go back." He leveled at stern look on Fuji. "But tomorrow you’re doing twenty laps around the court."

Fuji laughed quietly. "Yes, captain." As they turned around, he leaned in close, and Tezuka felt the very faintest brush of lips across his cheek. He fought back an incredibly unmanly blush.

There was no way he’d let Fuji pick their next date after this.

From [ profile] azurecerulean: threesome or foursome involving Mukuro, summer camp. Man, I don't even know what's up with this one. It's, uh... TYL. But TYL in the new sparkly no one dies timeline. Okay, whatever, it's really just crack. Xanxus/Byakuran/Mukuro crack.

This year’s Vongola Special Summer Camp for the Promotion of Inter-Ally Friendship was in session, and Xanxus was not pleased with his cabinmates. Honestly, he wasn’t pleased with the camp in general, but that was normal - this wasn’t.

"And if I find one more marshmallow in my bed, I am going to throttle you in your sleep," Mukuro was saying with a smile, lounging casually on said bed and gazing across the room at Byakuran.

Byakuran laughed. "But Mukuro-kun, yours is so comfortable! And it smells good, just like you. Can you blame me?"

"I can and I will," Mukuro said, his poisonous smile not dimming one bit. "And you realize you sound like a stalker, right?"

"Oh, I wouldn’t stalk you, Mukuro-kun! You just aren’t nearly interesting enough-"

"Shut up," Xanxus said. He couldn’t stand this anymore. "If you two don’t stop talking I’ll kill you both."

They both looked at him, silence reigning for a moment before Mukuro laughed softly. "If we stop talking, I’m fairly certain we’ll end up killing each other and you won’t have to get involved at all, Xanxus."

That didn’t sound too bad, really. Xanxus wondered what kind of idiotic idea had gotten into Reborn’s head to propose this camp in the first place, and why Tsunayoshi had agreed to it. Promoting good relations between the Vongola and their allies - yeah right. They were just lucky no one had died yet this year. The first year this camp had been held, it had ended with four dead, sixteen missing, and at least three requiring intensive therapy.

That had been a fun year.

But now they were all under threat of serious disciplinary action if they acted out too much (which, Xanxus assumed, really meant "if you kill anyone we’ll send you to Vindice"), and even Mukuro had managed to behave so far.

"I don’t see why you’re even here," Mukuro said, eyeing Byakuran coolly again. "You did try to kill us in that alternate future, after all."

"Try? I seem to remember nearly succeeding with you," Byakuran said with a grin. "And I assume Tsunayoshi doesn’t want that to happen again! I must admit, I am having fun."

"I’m not," Xanxus said. "This no fighting rule is bullshit."

"I agree. I’ve been thinking of ways to... register my disapproval," Mukuro said with a quick flash of teeth that might have been a smile.

"Psychological warfare, Mukuro-kun? That does seem like something you’d be good at," Byakuran said. "What are you thinking? Poison in the food, bad dreams for everyone, an endless campfire singalong?"

Mukuro laughed. "Why punish everyone when Tsunayoshi is the only one who needs to learn a lesson? And didn’t he say he’d come by to see how we were doing later? I have a little idea that I promise will be fun for all of us..."

In spite of himself, Xanxus leaned in to listen. Then he smirked - it wasn’t his style at all, but Mukuro was devious.


Half an hour later, Tsuna rushed out of the cabin less than a minute after he’d entered it, hyperventilating and hoping that someday, with therapy, he might be able to get those images out of his head.

It hadn’t been that bad at first, it had taken him a moment to realize - until Byakuran winked at him and asked if he wanted to join.

Oh god, now he was thinking about it again. He’d wanted them to get along, but not - not like that! Not like that at all!

This camp had been a terrible idea.
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