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I don't even know what this is. I was joking around with the idea of a Game of Thrones/KHR AU, and it involved Hibari as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, and then [ profile] vaultedthewall was like I WANT FIC and I was just intoxicated enough to think that was a great idea. And then I wrote this.

This is dedicated to all those A Song of Ice and Fire fans out there who are also fans of KHR, which I'm pretty sure is just Kels and I. I am posting this JUST FOR HER.

Kusakabe brought the message not long after the raven had arrived, but he'd already known that it would provoke no pleasant response. The Lord Commander hated feeling like he had reins on him - he would never accept the control of another, not even if that person was the man sitting on the Iron Throne.

Lord Commander Hibari read the message, then crumpled it up and threw it into the fire, no expression crossing his face. Always cold, always composed, that was the Lord Commander. His men admired him for it - or feared him, which was the same thing dressed in different robes. "Tell the King I will not heed his summons. We have need at the Wall."

There was a long pause, as the Lord Commander walked to the window of his rooms, gazing out at the Wall. He was proud of that Wall, as proud as if he'd built it himself, and he loved it more than any southron lord could ever love a wife. Kusakabe waited silently. Years of service as the Lord Commander's steward had taught him never to rush Hibari Kyoya.

"Ask him for more men. If there are enough men to hold the Wall, then I will go to King's Landing," Lord Commander Hibari said, finally breaking the silence. "If I leave here without competent men to hold the Wall, the wildlings will overrun us in days."

It was true. The wildlings were amassed on the other side of the Wall, waiting, lead by their king - the one who'd popped up from nowhere and nearly destroyed the Shadow Tower before being beaten back by Lord Commander Hibari. They'd climbed the Wall, or made their way through by treachery, no one knew - they only knew that if Hibari had not been there, the realm itself might have fallen. The wildlings had had kings before, but none so cunning as this Mukuro Rokudo. He was said to be a skinchanger, a greenwitch, and he'd marked Hibari as his enemy and marched his forces to Castle Black.

Since then there had only been brief violent sorties, most of the wildling forces hiding in the woods, waiting to attack. The King didn't understand, the southron lords couldn't understand - the Lord Commander could no more leave his wall than cut off his own hands.

"I will send your message to the king, my lord," Kusakabe said, knowing there was no other answer he could give.

Lord Commander Hibari nodded, a quick sharp gesture that served as a dismissal as well. Kusakabe was nearly at the door when it burst open, admitting one of the men, frantic and pale.

"My lord! The wildlings have sent us a message."

Hibari turned, his grey eyes sharp, pinning the man with that cold, terrifying gaze. "What?"

The man stuttered, stammered, but finally managed to find his voice. "Their king, my lord. The King Beyond the Wall, Mukuro Rokudo, wishes to speak with you face to face."

Silence reigned in the Lord Commander's chambers until it was broken suddenly by the albino raven Hibari kept as a pet. "Hibari! Hibari!" it croaked, and the Lord Commander seemed to take it as an urging to action.

"King of wildlings is all he is," Lord Commander Hibari said, "no true king." He picked his swordbelt up from where it had been laying across the table, and belted it on.

"But I will meet with him."

Kusakabe let out a breath he hadn't known he was holding, and rushed to make preparations. This could end in blood, in ice, in madness - but somehow, soon, it would end.
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