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So, um. I told [ profile] colorless_sky I would write her fic to celebrate school not killing her. And it hasn't! (yet) Then I lost my notebook. Then I found it again! Then I wrote this. It doesn't make much sense. I apologize in advance, I just enjoy torturing Kamio.

Now I only owe two fics. :D And I'm in a writing mood, whee!

Prince of Tennis
...Kamio/Kirihara? Kind of. Mostly this is just crack. WITH EXTRA FUJI.

The Wild Party )


Apr. 9th, 2006 01:02 am
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I'm in Japan! And have more free time than I thought, maybe it'll stay this way? Not likely. Most life-posts and random shit are going to be at [ profile] clockworkwings because that's my RL journal. Photo posts too, when I do them!

And here is a ficlet! Completely unbetaed, written for [ profile] colorless_sky because she had a bad day yesterday and I love her. I should probably have written this for Eiji's birthday, but I can't control my ideas. XD;; I still need to try my hand at Tezuka/Fuji one of these days.

Prince of Tennis
Fuji/Eiji, if you want it to be (I tried, I really did!)
PG for crack (In my defense, Sarra asked for crack!)

Friendship Is... )
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I owed Sarra Fuji/Eiji. It's 2am, I told her I was bored, she told me to write it. So I wrote it for her through AIM, and it was pure crack. Then I realized I was still bored and she gave me more pairings, and prompts to go with them! :D Good times! The others are actually less crackfilled. ...I blame Sarra for everything, of course.

PoT, Fuji/Eiji, crack )

PoT, Yuumi, caffeine )

Bleach, Ikkaku/Yumichika, plaid )

PoT, Sanada/Yukimura, pwnage )


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