Jul. 28th, 2008 09:41 pm
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Umm, I haven't posted in this journal for a long time. I'm sorry. The last couple quarters were way busier than they needed to be, and I seem to have lost all motivation and inspiration for writing. But I'm going to try again!

Anyway, while most likely not too many people care, I figured I'd give a little update. I graduated from college in June, and on August 16th I'm going to Japan to teach with Interac. I should be going to Shizuoka Prefecture, though I'm not sure which town yet (they told me one, then recently asked if I wanted to switch to another, and haven't gotten back to me on that yet).

That's pretty much it! I need to write. Like, really. So I will. I hope everyone's doing great!


Nov. 29th, 2007 08:03 pm
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I'm letting my [ profile] 30_kisses claim lapse... it's too bad, but the deadline is tomorrow and I have no inspiration, thanks to spending the last couple weeks finishing my JET application and writing a term paper. Anyway, I haven't reviewed the canon in like years, so it's probably for the best anyway.

And I've decided I should, like, use this journal for fandom talk as well as just posting fic... I mean, that's what it was for in the first place, kind of. But I rarely update even my RL journal, so don't expect too much. Except maybe me going "AHHH" every time a new Avatar episode comes out. :D

So the real point of this is! Winter Holiday is approaching. If anyone would like a Christmas card, comment with your address and I will send one (comments are screened). Alternately, if anyone wants some kind of fic, comment with a pairing/character and prompt, and I will try to write it for you! Though you may not actually get it until after Christmas, since I write slow. But I actually really like writing on request, moreso than writing on my own, so... yeah. Feel free!


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