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Hah! I'm alive. Writing slowly, but alive.

From [ profile] violeteyedhair: Tezuka and Fuji go hiking up a mountain, but Fuji doesn't want to stay any longer so he gives Tezuka a hard time about everything. I haven't written these two in awhile, so I'm sorry if it's shaky.

Up a Mountain )

From [ profile] azurecerulean: threesome or foursome involving Mukuro, summer camp. Man, I don't even know what's up with this one. It's, uh... TYL. But TYL in the new sparkly no one dies timeline. Okay, whatever, it's really just crack. Xanxus/Byakuran/Mukuro crack.

Summer Camp )
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I write so slow. Soooo sloooow. Here's a couple little ficlets, though, so you can see that I am indeed writing! Both gen.

From [ profile] vaultedthewall: A Final Fantasy character that hasn't shown up yet in the world in the Kingdom Hearts setting. I ended up not using a Final Fantasy character, but at least it's still Squeenix?

At The Fair )

And also from [ profile] vaultedthewall: Takashi vs. Takeshi, sushi throwdown. This is a Prince of Tennis/KHR crossover.

Sushi Battle )
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Here's two drabbles from the request meme! I can't really write 100-word drabbles, because... um, my genius cannot be contained to 100 words. Yeah, that's it. Or I just suck at it. So these are more like mini-ficlets. Hopefully I'll be able to finish a couple more tomorrow!

Requested by [ profile] ang3l_sh1, who asked for MukuHiba domestic bliss. :D

some kind of bliss... )

And requested by [ profile] violeteyedhair, TezuFuji and plantlife. If you give me another prompt I'll write you some MukuHiba too!

healing? )
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I have a couple fics to finish that people requested, I wanted to get them done before classes started again, but alas, it was not to be, and now I am busy again. But I'm still gonna finish them! I haven't forgotten.

[ profile] christmas_cacti is over, and it was great. If you are in need of quality Tezuka/Fuji, I would advise checking it out, everything was good although I failed to comment on most things.

I wrote Reality and Dreams, which is NC-17, so be warned. I may repost it here tomorrow, I'm taking a break from homework to make this post so I don't really have time tonight.

I received The 9th Counter, which is a fabulous piece of art by [ profile] yuki_scorpio. Like seriously, awesome to the max! I guess giving totally insane AU prompts is not always a bad thing. :)

Okay, time to do more work.
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This is [ profile] nonartisan's Christmas present fic. :) I do hope you get your other presents, but if not, I hope this doesn't disappoint! I tried my best.

I've never written this pairing before, and I'm not too good at humor, but it was fun to write anyway. Merry Christmas! ♥♥♥

On A Winter's Day
Prince of Tennis
Akazawa/Mizuki, Tezuka/Fuji

On A Winter's Day )
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This is a happy birthday fic for Aggy - [ profile] nonartisan I hope you have a wonderful birthday, you know I think the world of you and I'm sure you'll have an absolutely excellent year. ♥♥♥

(Also, happy birthday to [ profile] nana_chibi - I didn't know it was your birthday as well!)

Creative Process
Prince of Tennis
Tezuka/Fuji AU

creative process )
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I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, and I'm not sure I used the prompt well (or at all)... but oh well. That's it! I'm amazed I managed a fic a day, even for only five days. Huh.

Prince of Tennis
prompt: oysters and pearls

Questions and Answers )
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I don't know about this one, but I'm hungry and I need to go eat before work! So I'm posting it now, hopefully I won't look at it when I get home and go 'Augh!', that would be embarrassing.

Prince of Tennis
prompt: a naruto keychain

Trustworthy )
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LJ is being a little difficult. Also, I don't have time to look this one over or make sure that it doesn't suck - I just finished it and I need to go run errands! But I didn't want to break my posting-before-work streak.

Prince of Tennis
prompt: can you come over?

Sun Goes Down )
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Please kindly ignore the fact that I clearly know absolutely nothing about fishing. Well, I know part of it goes in the water! And a fish bites on it! Right?!

Prince of Tennis
prompt: 'a river runs through it', which I didn't really use, but there's a river!

Catch of the Day )
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I never write anything anymore, so [ profile] nonartisan gave me prompts in return for the ones I gave her. I'll see if I can do one a day, though with work and all I might miss a day. And it's all just gonna be little snippets like this one. But at least I'll be writing something! So maybe I can get used to it again.

Prince of Tennis
Prompt: cupcakes (mmm.)

Bearing Gifts )
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I like the other one that I wrote a little more, I think. This seems a little... boring? Also, Tezuka might be a stalker. I don't know. But it's about time! Over a month late, good for me. :P Yes, this is the second half of [ profile] aggy's Christmas present. I'm sorry it took so long! I hope this is okay. Also, the title makes no sense. As usual!

Prince of Tennis
Tezuka and Fuji
Prompt was 'cheating on a test' if I remember right

Like You Do )
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This is a Christmas gift for Aggy ([ profile] about_rey). A little early, but I wanted to post it now. I have another, fluffier one in the works, but I'm not sure it'll be finished by Christmas. This one came out really easily, it was hardly work at all. ^_^ I haven't really written these two before, so I hope it's all right.

I'm also including a Christmas song, since it seems appropriate and I was actually listening to it as I wrote most of this fic - this song and one other, which seemed to fit the tone. But the other one's not a Christmas song. :P And not that either of them are really connected to the fic in any way.

Vienna Teng - The Atheist Christmas Carol

Thank you for everything, Aggy - and I do mean everything. ♥

Prince of Tennis.
Prompt was 'blades of grass', I believe, and I'm taking that for the title because I am horribly bad at titling thing.

Blades of Grass )
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For Aggy ♥ Sorry it's not better, I tried to actually do a drabble for once! And it is 100 words, according to Word. I think I'm no good at writing to exact word limits. ^_^ But it was fun~

Tezuka and Fuji, bicycle )
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This was written for [ profile] about_rey, because it is her birthday. Happy birthday. ^_^ Thank you, thank you so much for always talking to me and keeping me company and putting up with me being so very weird! You really have made me so happy recently, and even before that. You always put a smile on my face, I don't think you even need to try to anymore, it just happens!

I hope your birthday has been/will be great, and this next year too. You deserve it, and lots of other happy-making stuff! Like puppies, and chocolate, and umm... puppies made of chocolate? o.o Anyway, thank you for the rping and the conversations, the texts and the letters, and just everything else you've done that makes me so happy. I adore you, Aggy ♥♥♥

Happy birthday! Here is your present, though I'm afraid I didn't use the prompt well. ^_^;; I hope you enjoy anyway!

Prince of Tennis
Prompt was Aqualung's Gentle, I used it more as inspiration then as an actual part of the story.

To Inspire )
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I can't write anymore, it's very sad. I don't know what's wrong with me. This took much too long, and I'm still not happy with it. Oh well! I hope it's enjoyable anyway. ^_^;;

Prince of Tennis
Gen-ish, somewhat Tezuka/Fuji
For Aggy's prompt: "waiting shed, rain and lightning". ♥♥♥

Summer Storm )


Jul. 10th, 2006 07:52 pm
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I was going to walk down to the water today, but didn't because of laziness and such things. I did manage to finish this fic, though, which is good! For [ profile] about_rey, who made me another layout that is so cute I die every time I look at it. I hope this is okay!

This turned out longer than I thought it would. But it's still short. :P And someday, I'll be able to think of decent titles. On that day, I will rejoice.

Prince of Tennis

Tides )
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I don't know if this is any good... I completely cannot judge the quality of my own writing. It's fun. Anyway, this is for [ profile] about_rey, cause she made me this lovely layout. Hopefully this is okay! If not, um... I'm sorry? ^^;; I wrote half of a similar fic, but then decided to rewrite it because, uh, I thought Tezuka deserved to be the one who got dumped for once. >.> What can I say, I kick Fuji around plenty as it is.

Prince of Tennis
Request: Inspired by Chicane's No Ordinary Morning. Lyrics linked because I didn't really use them in the fic itself. ^^;;

Undo Me )
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So, um. I told [ profile] colorless_sky I would write her fic to celebrate school not killing her. And it hasn't! (yet) Then I lost my notebook. Then I found it again! Then I wrote this. It doesn't make much sense. I apologize in advance, I just enjoy torturing Kamio.

Now I only owe two fics. :D And I'm in a writing mood, whee!

Prince of Tennis
...Kamio/Kirihara? Kind of. Mostly this is just crack. WITH EXTRA FUJI.

The Wild Party )
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Item 1: I will never be good enough, ever, just in general. I kinda feel like I suck at being a human! For various reasons. But it's okay. Fuji will comfort me and bring me mojitos, and I will kick him and make him cry. It'll be awesome. *abuses own characters*

Item 2: I am human and I need to be loved! Just like everyone else does. (That was your obligatory Smiths moment.)

Item 3: Alcohol? Actually a depressant. Funny how that works. Oh my life, it is pain.

Item 4: Oh, I finished that fic I said I would do! [ profile] about_rey, this is no longer really a get well present, but more like a 'Hey! Good job getting well!' present. Also, it kind of sucks, but that disclaimer should be before everything I write. Anyway, this is for you!

Heh. It's almost like a drunk post! Only... I'm not drunk. Oh well. I tried.

BUT ANYWAY. For the record, I finished this well before I imbibed any alcohol, I just have been too busy to post it.

Oh, item 5: I can't write drabbles, so this is longer than I intended. (Item 6: Someday I should find a way to think of good titles for things I write.)

Prince of Tennis
Prompt was: Fuji forgiving Tezuka for infidelity - oh Fuji. Get a better man!

Once More )


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