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This is meta! About Mukuro and Hibari. I wrote it. Aggy found the pictures and laughed at me while I wrote it. Thank you Aggy. Please click the cut. There are pictures!

Hibari wants Mukuro bad )
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This is a happy birthday fic for Aggy - [ profile] nonartisan I hope you have a wonderful birthday, you know I think the world of you and I'm sure you'll have an absolutely excellent year. ♥♥♥

(Also, happy birthday to [ profile] nana_chibi - I didn't know it was your birthday as well!)

Creative Process
Prince of Tennis
Tezuka/Fuji AU

creative process )
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This is a Christmas gift for Aggy ([ profile] about_rey). A little early, but I wanted to post it now. I have another, fluffier one in the works, but I'm not sure it'll be finished by Christmas. This one came out really easily, it was hardly work at all. ^_^ I haven't really written these two before, so I hope it's all right.

I'm also including a Christmas song, since it seems appropriate and I was actually listening to it as I wrote most of this fic - this song and one other, which seemed to fit the tone. But the other one's not a Christmas song. :P And not that either of them are really connected to the fic in any way.

Vienna Teng - The Atheist Christmas Carol

Thank you for everything, Aggy - and I do mean everything. ♥

Prince of Tennis.
Prompt was 'blades of grass', I believe, and I'm taking that for the title because I am horribly bad at titling thing.

Blades of Grass )


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