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I write so slow. Soooo sloooow. Here's a couple little ficlets, though, so you can see that I am indeed writing! Both gen.

From [ profile] vaultedthewall: A Final Fantasy character that hasn't shown up yet in the world in the Kingdom Hearts setting. I ended up not using a Final Fantasy character, but at least it's still Squeenix?

Sora grinned, basking in a job well done, and lowered the Keyblade. “That was pretty fast, huh? We did it!”

Nodding in agreement and looking smug, Donald came up on his other side, surveying the strange robot-thing they’d defeated. Its microphone lay on the ground, sadly scorched from the Fire spells Donald had thrown.

Goofy chortled and turned to the girl that was running up to them. “Good job, huh?”

“Wow!” the girl said, adjusting her glasses. “A very good job, I must say. That was the fastest anyone’s ever defeated Gato!” She peered at the Keyblade, a glint of scientific fervor in her eyes. “What kind of a weapon is that? I’d love to study it... take it apart...”

Sora laughed nervously and attempted to hide it behind his back. “Uh, no, it doesn’t come apart. At least, I don’t think it does.”

She eyed him a moment longer, then shrugged and rummaged through the purse at her side. “I promised fifteen Silver Points, and I won’t go back on that. Here you go.”

“Great!” Sora said, and turned to his friends, face lighting up. “Hey, let’s go check out that Tent of Horrors!”

As they turned to leave, the girl straightened up suddenly and called out after them. “Oh! I’m demonstrating my newest invention later, be sure to stop by! It’ll be the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen.”

Privately, Sora doubted that, but it sounded interesting anyway. “We’ll come by later!” he said, and waved at her as they left. Who knew Traverse Town put on cool fairs like these? How lucky to come here at the perfect time, he thought. They’d definitely have to come see that invention later.

And also from [ profile] vaultedthewall: Takashi vs. Takeshi, sushi throwdown. This is a Prince of Tennis/KHR crossover.

They meet on the field of battle. Knives raised, eyes narrowed in anticipation of the coming conflict. The tools of their trade are spread before them. Only one winner can come from this competition - only one winner can take the title.

“This is stupid,” Gokudera says, “who ever heard of a sushi battle anyway?”

The two boys pay no attention, too intent on the coming clash of skill. The tension stretches between them, nearing the breaking point.

Gokudera rolls his eyes.

Then it begins! Their knives flash silver in the air, wielded with ease, slicing through fresh fish without a moment of hesitation. Hands mold the rice into careful nigiri shapes, and in an instant it’s over, two plates of maguro sushi resting on the counter.

“Ha ha!” Yamamoto says, grinning. “You’re pretty fast!”

Kawamura smiles bashfully and shrugs. “You too.”

“I guess we’ll have to have Gokudera judge!” Yamamoto turns to his friend. “Tell us which one’s better.”

Gokudera frowns at the two boys, then at the sushi in front of him. “This is stupid and I don’t care.” He scowls menacingly at Yamamoto, who doesn’t seem to notice. “You told me we were going to bring the Tenth lunch!”

“We will! It’s just that first we’ve gotta know which one of us is better,” Yamamoto says with a big smile. Kawamura nods, much more shyly, and goes red when Gokudera turns his glare on him.

Fine,” Gokudera says, and pops the sushi in his mouth one after the other.

“You can’t really taste it well if you eat it so fast,” Kawamura offers hesitantly, and Gokudera turns his scowl up a notch.

“It’s the same. They taste the same. It’s all sushi, you idiots, who cares who makes it better?!”

Kawamura gasps and Yamamoto laughs, shaking his head. “Maa, we shouldn’t have asked Gokudera, he’s Italian. He doesn’t always understand these things.”

“I could call some people from my tennis club,” Kawamura says.

“Then I’ll call the baseball team! Then we can have a real competition,” Yamamoto says, lighting up like it’s the best idea ever.

Gokudera stands up, knocking his chair over, and glares at them. “I’m leaving, you’re both idiots.” He stomps out, doing his best to ignore Yamamoto’s cheerful wave and promise to see him at school tomorrow. Why is he friends with such a idiot? NO. They are not friends, simply allies thrown together by chance. Clearly Yamamoto is destined for friendship with this weird sushi-making kid, and Gokudera doesn’t want to be around to watch such an insipid thing.

Not even if he gets really delicious free sushi out of the deal.
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